Warranty Terms and Conditions

Warranty terms and conditions

1. The warranty covers defects that have occurred during normal operation during the warranty period due to poor quality materials or components.

2. The warranty period does not run from the moment of notification of damage until it is eliminated or during the stay of the machine in the service.

3. The guarantee is considered invalid in cases where:

- the machine is not used for its intended purpose

- there was an overload beyond the capacity specified in the specification

- no periodic service and maintenance has been performed according to the manufacturer's instructions

- repairs have been carried out by unauthorized persons and companies with parts and consumables other than those specified by the manufacturer

- damage has occurred due to contact with an outdoor unit (liquids, grease, limestone, dust to a large extent, etc.), under the influence of an aggressive external environment or no basic care has been taken for the product.

- electric shock or mains failure or other causes beyond the control of the manufacturer / service or force majeure.

- in case of improper storage of the machine or accident.

- there are damages or scratches during transport.

- there is wear of mechanical components subjected to wear in the course of normal prescribed operation.

4. The manufacturer and the service are not responsible for lost profits and subsequent losses due to the defect of the goods or the stay in the service.

5. In case of need for replacement of parts, assemblies or parts during repair, the defective ones become the property of the service and are taken by the service worker for reporting.

6. There is no guarantee for consumables.

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