Technical data

Model Electric pallet truck REGO KPL201
Load capacity 2000 kg.
Drive unit Electrics
Battery 24V/205Ah (lithium-ion); 24V/280/345Ah (lead-acid)
Service weight 760 kg.
Lift height 125 mm.
Turning radius 2217 mm.
Drive speed with/without load 8.5/10.0 km/h
Wheels PU
Fork dimensions 55 x 170 x 1150 mm.
Max. gradeability, laden/unladen 6/16 %


Electric pallet truck REGO KPL201 from EP Equipment is equipped with a lithium-ion or lead-acid battery. It provides great driving comfort and high performance with a fast-driving speed up to 10 km/h. Electric pallet truck REGO KPL201 guarantees operation safety with a great function that allows it to automatically decrease the steering speed.

Electric pallet truck KPL201 is the perfect tool to use in large warehouses, logistics and distribution centers. It is the ideal tool for heavy duties and long-distance transportation.

Electric pallet truck REGO KPL201 - Load capacity - 2t.

1 year warranty

Reliable drive system

Electric pallet truck REGO KPL201 offers great performance and operation stability due to its reliable drive system with a driving speed of 10km/h and precise controlling. 

Good durability

Electric pallet truck REGO KPL201 adopts high strength vertical gear box to extend its working life.

Operation safety assurance

Electric pallet truck REGO KPL201 protective steel supports ensure operation safety even at a high speed and includes an automatic speed decreasing function when steering.

Easy operation

The easy-triggered pedal provides electric pallet truck REGO KPL201 with great driving comfort. It offers good visibility for the operator to lean in against the protective steel shell.

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