Diesel forklift REGO Heavy Duty FD70T - 7t.




Technical data

Model Diesel forklift REGO Heavy Duty FD70T
Load capacity 7000
Fuel Diesel
Lifting height (standard) 3000 mm.
Max. lifting height (option) 6000 mm.
Center of gravity 600
Fork dimensions 1220х150х65 mm.
Turning radius (without forks) 3360 mm.


Diesel forklift REGO Heavy Duty FD70T is a forklift that comes with a range of high-performance industrial engines and high torque at low speeds. All this makes the whole machine quiet and with less vibration. The ergonomic design, the non-slip rubber pad, the adjustable seat and the adjustable inclined steering column ensure comfortable and safe operation. High efficiency is ensured by the operation of the axles and the excellent braking system which ensures that the machine works safely, and the steering axle provides fast and accurate feedback to the driver when operating. The wide mast provides the operator with greater visibility, improves efficiency and ensures safety.

Diesel forklift REGO Heavy Duty FD70T - Load capacity - 7t.

3 years warranty


REGO UN FD70-80T comes with several engine options. 

Multifunctional panel

The new dashboard design has a larger screen which provides efficiency and safety.

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