Electric pallet truck REGO RPL201-251-301 Li-ion - 2 - 2.5 - 3t.




Technical data

Load capacity 2000 kg. 2000 kg. 2500 kg. 3000 kg.
Drive unit Battery 24V/205AH (Lithium-ion) Battery 24V/205AH (Lithium-ion) Battery 24V/205AH (Lithium-ion) Battery 24V/205AH (Lithium-ion)
Drive motor 1.6 kW 2.5 kW 1.6 kW 2.5 kW
Service weight 630 kg. 630 kg. 790 kg. 790 kg.
Lifting height 120 mm. 120 mm. 120 mm. 120 mm.
Turning radius 1700 mm. 1700 mm. 1790 mm. 1790 mm.
Driving speed 6/12km/h 9/12km/h 6 km/h 6 km/h
Wheels Polyurethane Polyurethane Polyurethane Polyurethane
Fork dimensions 55x170x1150 mm. 55x170x1150 mm. 55x190x1150 mm. 55x190x1150 mm.
Max. gradeability, laden/unladen 8/16% 8/16% 6/16% 8/16%


Electric pallet truck RPL201/251/301 is the latest version of the ride-on pallet trucks from EP Equipment. Electric pallet truck RPL201 can be equipped with a high-speed option for even higher productivity. The new released electric pallet truck RPL251 and 301 are able to realize heavy-duty applications and satisfy different working conditions. Electric power steering in standard is a unique feature at this ride-on pallet truck for increased productivity and ergonomics.

Models of electric pallet truck REGO RPL201/251/305:

Electric pallet truck REGO RPL201 Li-ion - Load capacity - 2t.

Electric pallet truck REGO RPL201H Li-ion - Load capacity - 2t.

Electric pallet truck REGO RPL251 Li-ion - Load capacity - 2.5t.

Electric pallet truck REGO RPL301 Li-ion - Load capacity - 3t.

1 year warranty

More precise working mechanism

Using slider motion structure and one-time full-axis processing technology to ensure higher working accuracy.

Increase lifetime of movable parts

Adopting special pin material, heat treatment process and customized sleeve to make key movable parts more durable.

Strengthened loading wheel assembly

RPL251 and RPL301 come with strengthened frames and updated links of the loading wheels to improve wear resistance and meet heavy duty applications.

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