Technical data

Model 4 wheel electric forklift REGO CPD45F8
Series MAX-8
Capacity 4500 kg.
Lifting height (standard) 3000 mm.
Max. lifting height (option) 6000 mm.
Battery Li-Ion 540AH/80V
Turning radius 2735.5 mm.
Fork dimensions 50х150х1070 mm.


4 wheel electric forklift REGO CPD45F8 from EP Equipment is another in a series of electric forklifts with a capacity of 4.5 / 5.0 tons. The advantages of Li-Ion technology give you a choice between CPD45 / 50F8 than IC electric forklifts. The F8 loads extremely quickly and provides ample cabin space that meets ergonomic requirements.

4 wheel electric forklift REGO CPD45F8 can withstand heavy loads (up to 5 tons), especially when working in the metal industry, as well as with building materials. Using a lithium-ion battery instead of an internal combustion engine and a lead-acid battery saves costs of maintaining the battery. Lithium batteries are independently developed and manufactured by EP, so they contain a control system (BMS) that can monitor and protect each cell. At the same time, they can be connected to the machines via CAN-bus system to ensure the efficiency of the machines.

4 wheel electric forklift REGO CPD45F8 - Capacity - 4.5t.

1 year warranty

Highly efficient powerful AC motor

The high-performance, maintenance-free, powerful AC motor ensures that the forklift can still run smoothly on uneven roads while ensuring longer battery life.

Wide space for the operator

With our 45F8 we have optimized the positioning of the drive and brake pedals and increased ergonomics for the operator.

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